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Liederkranz Singers

The Liederkranz Singers are a small informal group of about 20 people who get together for the love of singing their native songs.

The group is comprised of first-born, then second and third generation Germans and is led by Elfriede Jass. They started in 1982, led by Ilse Brodersen, and sang at various places around town including schools, and on some Saturdays at the Rhineland Restaurant in Independence, Mo. They truly “sing from the heart”, as many of their songs are fond remembrances of those they sand as children in school.

The singers belong to the North American Singers Association, which includes German people from all over the United States who get together every 3 years for a songfest. At the songfests about 3,000 voices are joined together to sing their songs “from the heart”. The Liederkranz Singers also belong to the Missouri Singing Society and participate in their Annual Singing Fest in Cole Camp, Missouri. They have become a part of the Holiday Tradition at Strawberry Hill Museum in Kansas City, Kansas.

Elfriede Jass
7621 Englewood
Raytown,MO 64138

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